florence jewellery week 2022 (p.3): bollmann collection + corvaja

During last week’s Florence Jewellery Week (FJW), a selection works from The Heidi and Karl Bollmann Collection was on exhibit at the Palazzo del Pegaso in Via de’ Pucci, 16 (Florence, Italy). What began as a few gifts to his wife, the jewelry collection of this Austrian couple has grown over decades into probably the most prestigious private collection of contemporary research jewelry in Europe with over 1,700 pieces to date. The exhibition was accompanied by a color catalog.

The works of nine artists from the collection were on view: Yasuki Hiramatsu, Bruno Martinazzi, Francesco Pavan, Fritz Maierhofer, Peter Chang, Peter Skubic, Ruudt Peters, Gerd Rothmann, and Manfred Bischoff. Apart from the collection, the final pièce de résistance on display was the extraordinary work by contemporary goldsmith and technical master, Giovanni Corvaja, the Golden Fleece headpiece woven in gold fibers painstakingly created by the artist.

The originality, research, technical qualities, and pure dedication of Corvaja’s work is truly of museum quality. In fact, his work is included in several prestigious private and museum collections. His skill in forming threads of gold and creating unique pieces can only be described as extraordinary. This “Golden Fleece” headpiece from 2008-09 required over 2,500 hours of tedious labor and many kilometers of 18k and 22k gold.

For more info: www.preziosa.org

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