genealogy jewelry: wear your heritage

What better way could there be to honor your family heritage and create a long-lasting memory? Genealogy and heirloom jewelry can be personalized in several ways. Or, perhaps you have a old piece of jewelry that is broken or just not your style to wear. If it is gold or silver, perhaps it can be re-composed or melted down and recycled into a new design.… Read More genealogy jewelry: wear your heritage

rigore e libertà – contemporary italian jewelry

Rigore e Libertà (Rigore and Liberty) is an exhibition featuring three major Italian masters of contemporary jewelry: Mario Pinton, Francesco Pavan, and Giampaolo Babetto. The extensive exhibition of almost 150 pieces is being housed within the Marino Marini Foundation Museum in Pistoia, northwest of Florence, through March 24, 2019. Marino Marini taught Mario Pinton sculpture… Read More rigore e libertà – contemporary italian jewelry