favorites from bologna’s international artefiera 2014

ARTEFIERA, the annual international exhibition of contemporary and modern art is happening this weekend in Bologna, January 24-27, 2014. The fair has gotten smaller in recent years, surely due to the continuing economic status also affecting the art world. Although there is a section of under-30 artists, the air seems less experimental (in both theme… Read More favorites from bologna’s international artefiera 2014

old tintypes, new jewelry

Update: since I made this post, I was corrected by experts that the images pictured above are actually tintypes (more specifically known as ferrotypes), not daguerreotypes. The development processes are entirely different. In fact, daguerreotypes are positive images on silver-plated copper sheets. Ferrotypes use the Collodion technique — images exposed on an emulsion-laquered dark iron… Read More old tintypes, new jewelry

photo lux international festival in lucca

PHOTOLUX is a biennial international Photography Festival in Lucca (Tuscany) going on now through December 15, 2013. The venues are dotted around the city in contemporary and antiquated spaces, some acting as temporary exhibition areas. The festival has a complete program with presentations, workshops, and portfolio reviews for photographers seeking a professional opinion of their work.… Read More photo lux international festival in lucca