new jewelry videos for distance learning


Distance learning has launched me into producing demo videos of jewelry techniques in the studio. I was able to film some footage before the lock-down in Florence took place earlier this month, and then edited at home. These videos are originally intended for my 12 SACI Jewelry Design students who had to suddenly leave Florence mid-semester and are now continuing my course online. It is a new experience for all of us, requiring flexible ways of teaching and learning, and patience. I’ve had to create new projects that don’t require tools or machines for those working from their homes, just as I currently am. I miss that one-on-one instruction in the studio and giving hands-on advice. Technology can’t replace that, but we are doing our best in these unprecedented times of the Coronavirus global health crisis.


The videos on Crushed Stone Inlay and Bezel Stone Setting are for the last two projects of the Beginning Jewelry Design course. As study abroad students, most of them returned to their homes and are continuing their education without many tools, machinery, or studio space. This makes jewelry fabrication, or any studio art class, challenging to say the least. A few of the students with studio access will be able to complete the original projects, but for the remainder, I had to offer other options.

The students were sent slabs of wax and tools enabling them to carve a model and send to a casting service. They were given a crash course in wax carving for jewelry. This cast piece (if they are able to send it away to a caster) will be used to finish the stone inlay project, rather than fabricating it with sheet metal.

The other optional project will be to create a wearable body ornament out of alternative materials, or what ever they can find in their homes (paper, fabric / fiber, plastic, wood / nature elements, recycled materials, found objects, metal not requiring solder). This material selection is even more restricted if they are currently living in a lock-down area.

I am curious to see what they come up with and how the educational process is adapting and changing in our new reality.

Welcome to my new Youtube Channel!


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