artist enrica borghi transforms plastic into jewelry

Enrica Borghi

Italian artist, Enrica Borghi, creates objects, installations, and jewelry forms primarily using materials that are intended to be discarded or recycled. She is fascinated with the transformation of non-precious materials, such as plastic water bottles or the brightly color aluminum foil used to wrap chocolates, into large scale works of art, urban installations, or intimate jewelry pieces.

The artist recently gave a presentation of her work at Studio Arts College International (SACI) where I teach Jewelry Design and where Enrica has a solo exhibition, Scent of an Artificial Paradise, in the Maidoff Gallery through October 8, 2016. She gave us a demonstration of how she begins creating jewelry pieces with plastic bottles by cutting, heating, melting, and forming the material into delicate organic shapes, full of color and luminosity. These pieces remind us of the delicate environment in which we live, so saturated with trash that needs to be dramatically reduced and used in more creative ways.

Enrica Borghi divides her time between Ameno on Lake Orta (Novara) and Berlin. In 1990 she was awarded an MA degree with a specialization in sculpture, from the Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan. In 2008 she was selected for “The Planetary Collegium” Ph.D., M-node in collaboration with the University of Plymouth and the NABA Nuova Accademia Belle Arti of Milan. In 2005 she founded and became the President of the Asilo Bianco, a Cultural Center dedicated to the development of the territory surrounding Ameno through literature and the arts.

Photos courtesy of the artist and Christina Gednalske (SACI).

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