inside out: contemporary perspectives at palazzo belfiore

Creative People in Florence is excited to collaborate with Palazzo Belfiore and showcase some of our very talented members.

This Saturday March 14th from 5-8pm, Palazzo Belfiore will transform one of its apartments into an exhibition space open to the public, featuring the work of four artists: Naomi Muirhead, Joy Franklin, Brianne Service and Olga Makarova.  Following the theme of the evening, each artist will give of a glimpse of their unique point of view, presenting work that makes use traditional techniques and themes, but transforming them through their particular conceptual and technical approach.  The works, including jewelry, painting and photography, reveal a fresh attention to detail, while maintaining a respect for the elegance of the past, perfectly in line with the contemporary spirit of Palazzo Belfiore.

There will also be a special performance by opera singer Diana di Mauro.

Tea time refreshments will be offered by Oronero, including a special tasting of the Palazzo Belfiore blend. 


Palazzo Belifore: 

To learn more about the artists:

Naomi Muirhead:
Joy Franklin:
Brianne Service:
Olga Makarova:
Diana Di


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