figlio e padre and virtue: new tintype jewelry

Continuing with a small series using antique tintypes found in flea markets and around, here is a set derived from one photo of 2 unknown men who seem to be son and father. The top frame was made into a pendant, “Figlio e Padre” with connecting lines scratched into the surface of the photographic emulsion.… Read More figlio e padre and virtue: new tintype jewelry

old tintypes, new jewelry

Update: since I made this post, I was corrected by experts that the images pictured above are actually tintypes (more specifically known as ferrotypes), not daguerreotypes. The development processes are entirely different. In fact, daguerreotypes are positive images on silver-plated copper sheets. Ferrotypes use the Collodion technique — images exposed on an emulsion-laquered dark iron… Read More old tintypes, new jewelry