art925: holiday pop-up 12.21 in elgin

  Art925 Jewelry Pop-up: Made in Italy Coming to Elgin! Friday, December 21, 5-7pm Villa Verone, 13 Douglas Avenue Elgin, IL 60120, T 847.742.0263 Elgin area native, jewelry designer and artist, Naomi Rachel Muirhead of art925, will be presenting her jewelry pieces featuring vintage Elgin watches faces and movements and other found objects,… Read More art925: holiday pop-up 12.21 in elgin

elgin watches

Elgin, Illinois, approximately 30 miles NW of Chicago…The National Watch Company was founded in 1864. Ten years later, the name was changed to Elgin National Watch Company and became one of the largest producing watch companies in America. In the 1920’s they were producing over half of the watches in the country. Now these vintage watches… Read More elgin watches