tiche synergia: artifactural by naomi muirhead

We are pleased to announce the opening of Artifactural, an installation by Naomi Muirhead of art925 at Tiche Synergia. The exhibition opens on June 5 and will be on view through June 19.

Artifactural is an installation of vintage objects (wooden rulers, tin boxes, clock faces, antique books) from the collection of the artist that have been composed into a presentation of elements that inspire the jewelry pieces created by Naomi Muirhead (art925). The research and collection of these objects inform the design of each piece which is based on the object itself, or a fragment of it, transformed into a wearable object. Some of the collection on display might potentially be used in future jewelry pieces, extracted from their original purpose; other objects might remain as visual inspiration. As in each piece of art925 jewelry, the combination, coordination, composition, and collaboration between old and new forms a…

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