genealogy jewelry: wear your heritage

I was recently commissioned to make a pendant and ring with a specific map location for a mother/daughter gift. It wasn’t a stretch for me since I have made many pieces with vintage maps under transparent quartz, glass, or resin, but it was the story that was especially sweet that went along with this request.

Bagni di Lucca, the small Tuscan town north of Lucca, is where her parents and generations of ancestors hailed from in Italy. This contemporary American family is presently in the process of recognizing its Italian (dual) citizenship by jure sanguinis, an exciting and sometimes complicated procedure that I also went through with my mother many years ago. The 9-year old daughter in this story will receive the ring when she is older, as part of an “adult jewelry collection” that her mother has thoughtfully been assembling and adding to every year.

What better way could there be to honor your family heritage and create a long-lasting memory? Contemporary genealogy and heirloom jewelry can be personalized in several ways. In the map example above, the memory is about a place. But it can also be a name, a word/phrase, a document, or most commonly, a family photograph (preferably vintage). Below are some examples of pieces I have made in the past.

I once made a pendant for a client with a piece of poetry written on a scrap of paper by a family member that was recently departed. The memory could also be a small object, encapsulated into a piece of jewelry, worn close to the heart. Or, perhaps you have a old piece of jewelry that is broken or just not your style to wear. If it is gold or silver, perhaps it can be re-composed or melted down and recycled into a new design.

Want to discuss an idea? Contact me for personalized orders and prices.

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