“influences” contemporary jewelry exhibit in florence


Opened just last year in Florence, not far from the Duomo, the YOKO Takirai Design Contemporary Jewelry Gallery usually features the designs of Yoko Takirai and Pietro Pellitteri. Presently, they are hosting a traveling exhibit (previously in Munich and Padova) called Influences 7 Countries_12 Cities_12 Artists with work influenced by each artist’s territory and living environment.

The twelve international artists showing their work are: Patrizia Bonati (Cremona), Lluis Comin (Barcelona, Spain), Corrado De Meo (Livorno), Elin Flognman (Trollhattan, Sweden), Maria Rosa Franzin (Padua), Nicola Heidemann (Villach, Austria), Judy Mc Caig (Glasgow, Scotland), Gigi Mariani (Modena), Stefano Rossi (Padua), Claudia Steiner (Vienna, Austria), Yoko Takirai / Pietro Pellitteri (Florence), and Gabi Veit (Bolzano).

Influences can be seen through November 9, 2019. Hours are Monday – Saturday 11am-1:30pm / 3-7pm. Takirai Designs, via del Oriolo 45r, Florence, Italy. www.yokotakirai.com

In the gallery space, you can also see the jewelers working away at their benches.

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