10-hour jewelry workshop in florence: silver + porcelain


Marianna is an artist from Cyprus who makes jewelry with porcelain. She wanted to learn how to incorporate jewelry making techniques with fine metals to give her designs more value. Her goal was to learn how to construct and form metal, use tools properly, solder, and feature her porcelain pieces as “gems” incorporated into new jewelry designs. While in Florence, she was able to attend an artisan workshop in porcelain and then brought those pieces to the jewelry studio to learn what she could do with them.

Her first project was to learn how to make a ring band and to bezel set a cabochon stone in sterling silver. To do this, she was introduced how to use tools to saw, file, form, solder, sand, and polish the metal. Once this basic setting was learned, she was then able to apply it to one of her rectangular porcelain pieces. She made matching post settings for earrings with porcelain spheres, as well as some dangle earrings. In just 2 short days, she completed 4 projects.

Find out more about bespoke jewelry workshops and courses with me in Florence, Italy.

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