4-hour wedding ring workshop: create your own bands


This summer, I was contacted by a couple, one a fellow SACI Alum who was returning to Florence with the desire to design and learn to make wedding bands for each other. In a 4-hour workshop, they solidified their designs and learned the basics of jewelry making in order to create unique rings representing their mutual vows of love. Even though they are a very creative couple, neither had any previous jewelry making experience, yet they were able to produce exactly what they wanted.

For Nanako, Julio wanted to create a sort of braided band in sterling silver, signifying their tight bond. Using sheet metal, heat, and a little elbow grease, he was able to manipulate the metal by twisting and bending it to overlap the pieces. The challenge was to find the right length of silver to cut, then form the metal in order to make the correct size and comfort for the finger. To finish the ring, he applied liver of sulfur to give depth to the crevices. For Julio, Nanako made a minimal, wide masculine ring band in sterling silver, darkened with liver of sulfur.

This non-traditional approach to exchanging wedding bands combines the design interaction and learning experience of the couple with the satisfaction of knowing that something completely personal and unique can be created by their own hands.

Find out more about bespoke jewelry workshops and courses with me in Florence, Italy.

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