4-hour jewelry workshop in florence: ring composition


Diane completed a 4-hour jewelry workshop with me in the studio here in Florence where she learned how to construct and fabricate a ring. Without any prior silversmith experience, she used techniques of ring sizing, annealing, texturizing, forming, soldering, adding a patina, and finishing (filing, sanding, polishing).

With her own design plan, Diane created a unique composition of bands and spheres of brass and copper on a textured sterling silver band. She decided to use a liver of sulfur patina on the copper parts to darken the contrasts between the different metals.

Workshops can be catered to individual technical levels and desired durations from 3 hours to 3 months. Previous students have made rings, pendants, earrings, and more using various techniques.

No prior metalsmith experience is necessary. Those with some experience may want to learn a new technique or simply hone their manual jewelry making skills. Contact for more info.



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