preziosa young 2017 winning jewelry artists


PREZIOSA 2017- Florence Jewellery Week

From 24th to 28th May 2017 Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School (LAO) hosted PREZIOSA 2017-Florence Jewellery Week, a unique event in Italy that places the emphasis on the interactions between tradition and artistic research, manual skills and new technologies.

Today was the final day with artisan demonstrations, while yesterday’s calendar was full of conference topics held in the Santo Spirito Cloisters. On the opening night last Wednesday, I attended three exhibitions:

Bellini Museum, Lungarno Soderini, 5, Florence
Fuchi Arata
Robert Baines
Sibylle Umlauf
Tasso Mattar e Danni Schwaag
New Iranian & Persian Jewelry

Palazzo Coveri Gallery, Lungarno Guicciardini 19, Florence
Preziosa Young Contest 2017

Botticelli Gallery, Via Maggio, 39. Florence
Contemporary Swedish Silver. New Approaches to an enduring tradition.

LAO invited young jewelry makers under 35 from around the globe to apply and submit works from which emerges a research linked to the contemporary interpretation of traditional themes of diverse cultures. The artists’ research could be inspired by any traditional art or craft form, material, technique, an object of use, an ornamental detail, or an architectural element, without any limit. Immaterial source of inspiration were also admitted.

Preziosa Young Contest 2017
Group exhibition, PY2017 winners:
Fang Jin Yeh, Qian Wang, Shachar Cohen, Xiaodai Huan

Fang Jin Yeh is inspired by the sea and creates organic forms from her unconscious influences. She works in silver, paper, paint, and stainless steel. The designs by Qian Wang are based on research of Western and Eastern gardens, with forms inspired by stained-glass windows, made with digital engineering and hand techniques combining acrylic board, polypropylene sheet, nylon, and metals. Work by Shachar Cohen involves highly polished and sometimes reflective stainless steel surfaces making hollow forms that recall shiny objects of desire or at times resemble ethnic symbols. Xiaodai Huan uses a curious combination of resin, velvet, and stones to create “biologic jewelry” — variations of invented creatures affected by the Fukushima nuclear reaction and other environmental disasters.


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