best picks from the lucca art fair

Silvia Camporesi from the
Silvia Camporesi from the “Atlas Italiae”

Lucca Art Fair Best Picks

Last weekend, I went to the 2nd edition of the Lucca Art Fair. I didn’t even know there was an art fair in Lucca, and evidentally, not many people did because the attendance was quite light. But this made it very easy to view the work, and the small scale of the fair ground makes a visit very manageable. Not as large as the Bologna Art Fair, there was still a decent selection of Italian and international galleries representing established and up-and-coming contemporary artists. Here are a few hand-picked works of my choice.

Photographic work by Silvia Camporesi filled one of the gallery spaces. I’ve liked her work for some time now, especially her series from a couple of years ago, Atlas Italiae.

Probably the best surprise was an artist I had not seen before, Marco Ferri (the first 2 images above), smaller sculptural pieces. My favorite pieces of his are from the series Con Occhi di Riguardo where he has made small dimensional constructions presented with a photograph of the object installed in a location where they would be “impossible” to view.

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