10 spaces at numeroventi showcases local artists

Installation by writer, Marisa Garreffa (Photo: numeroventi)

Numeroventi (number 20) is one of those new contemporary spaces carved out of a Renaissance palazzo in Florence, Italy, with a mixed-use agenda giving new life to an old building. In various rooms on different levels of the historic Palazzo Galli Tassi (dated from 1510), Numeroventi rents 3 apartments to travelers, but they also encourage creative endeavors by hosting artist residencies, and renting out their spaces for photo shoots, exhibitions, events, workshops, and meetings.

The apartments are modern and bright, comfortable spaces with large windows, designed with mostly mid-century furnishings with a few new accents. Other spaces are left in their beautiful decrepit old state left raw and untouched, giving the perfect backdrop to creative narratives and art installations.

Ten Spaces (Photo: numeroventi)

I recently went to the opening of five new spaces at an event called 10 Spaces featuring local artists and designers who were invited to make site-specific installations in the spaces throughout the palazzo, produced during residencies fulfilled at Numeroventi. The artists include: Anna Rose, Duccio Maria Gambi, Lorenzo Brinati, LOTTOZERO, Marisa Garreffa, MONOGRID, Muriel Parra, PATTERN NOSTRUM, RMOGRL, Valerio Bellini. (Photo credits below: numeroventi and art925.)

The finissage of the exhibition re-opens to the public on Wednesday, April 19 at 4pm. To attend, sign up for the event at www.numeroventi.it/sign-up-form/ If you are interested in art and interiors, it is well worth a visit. For more images, see the Numeroventi page.

Palazzo Galli Tassi
Via de Pandolfini 20 – Florence, ITALY
T 338 245 0055


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