contemporary [jewelry] art patron

Alice wearing art925 jewelry in abundance while showing a recent publication
Alice wearing art925 jewelry in abundance while showing a recent publication

IMG_5942Alice is what I like to call a contemporary art patron, in the classic sense, as were the Medici in Renaissance Florence – so much that she deserves mention as a special client.

Alice first wrote to me on the last day of last year, celebrating new year’s eve, as well as her wedding anniversary. She had just been to the Legion of Honor Museum Gift Shop in San Francisco where a collection of watch themed jewelry of mine was featured during the Breguet exhibition, from which she chose a vintage watch face ring to celebrate time with her husband. Most people don’t make the effort to send a note of thanks for something bought from a complete stranger.

Alice visiting me in the jewelry studio in FlorenceBut it didn’t stop there. She sent me some of her creative mail art projects, just as a token of thanks. And by chance, she was planning a trip to Florence to see a friend perform in the opera and wanted to come meet me in a studio visit in March. Delightfully enthusiastic and cleverly funny, she came and we visited for a couple of hours before she decided to buy two more rings that I had in the studio: the Lucky Dice ring, and the J.S. Bach Italian Concerto ring, both enhancing her black and white themed collection, the gamble of life, and music reminiscent of her performing friends.

During her stay in Florence, Alice visited MIO Concept store to see my Dictionary Ring Collection (Italian-English) where she picked out some relevant words to add to her jewelry vocabulary. I sent her a publication of my work which included some of the pieces she purchased.

Upon Alice’s return to San Francisco, she went back to the Legion of Honor to recount the story of great timing, meeting the artist in Italy, and showing them the book of jewelry. Full of excitement, she tried on several necklaces and rings at once and became inspired by a street style approach to composing multiple pieces and acquired those too!

Alice wearing art925 jewelry in abundance while showing a recent publication

Grazie, Alice, for taking the time to appreciate my work, keeping in contact, sharing stories, coming to meet me in person, and for being such a stellar client of no less than 10 art925 pieces… much appreciated! – Naomi

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