sestini & corti: reclaimed materials

Sestini e Corti

Just off of the A1 highway out of Florence, about 30 minutes south of Arezzo, in a rural location is Sestini & Corti, a family-run company that uses reclaimed materials to make industrial furniture for unique interiors. Most of the traffic in the area is headed for the nearby Valdichiana Outlet Village, but my joy was found here instead. I finally had a chance to visit the showroom and grounds to see what they have, including vintage furnishings and accessories, architectural materials, and a design studio. Besides being well-organized and filled with items agreeing with my own aesthetic palette, what really stood out was the friendliness and enthusiasm of the owners.

Sestini e Corti
Sestini e Corti

Since the 1970s, the company was begun by 3 partners, Aldo Sestini, Maria Teresa Sestini, and Mauro Corti who began by selling locally reclaimed materials for construction purposes such as antique terracotta tiles, wooden beams, architectural elements, and stone materials. Now, the newer generation has revived the business by designing and producing rustic-industrial furniture (a huge current design trend in Italy) using some of these materials, paired with unique collectible vintage pieces and new accessories.

We were shown around the shop, the ancient wine cantina, and the grounds by one of the original owners, a delightful man who had such enthusiasm for materials and their potential to become something amazing. He showed us some of their current projects for a restaurant in Switzerland. When I showed him that I make jewelry from small reclaimed materials with a similar style, we was thrilled and offered to collect some small pieces and parts to give to me the next time I visited. He already gave me a huge square iron nail and said I could use it as a coat hook. Not all of their items are online, so it is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

Sestini & Corti S.n.c
Via Cassia n° 172
53040 Bettolle (Siena – Toscana)
Tel. +39 0577.624037
Fax. +39 0577.624037

OPEN: Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9am-6pm

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