Robert F. Kennedy Center Europe launches jewelry auction in support of human rights


RFK Jewelry Auction

Hand-made jewelry by Italian artists can be bid on through October 9, 2014 to benefit the RFK Center Europe efforts for human rights.

The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights Europe (RFK Center Europe – Florence, Italy) launches a new online auction organized with the contribution of Italian jewelry designers who have donated their creative talent in the form of unique jewelry made by hand to support educational activities and the ideals of Senator Kennedy and the RFK Center Europe. The artists from the creative labs Officine Talenti Preziosi and My Cup of Tea, were inspired by the many stories of human rights violations that take place around the world every day, and have created unique objects reminding us to strive to make the world a better place.

The online auction is open to all who wish to make offers in the period between September 24 and October 9, 2014 via the portal for online auctions Charitybuzz. (

In recent editions, the RFK Center Europe has been able to count on the support of the most important personalities in politics, business, sports and show business. Until now, the RFK Center has collected, thanks to an online auction, more than $5 million. A opportunity to have a coffee with Tim Cook, Apple CEO, was auctioned for more than $610,000!

  • Jewelry auction lots:
    Set Her Free by Giulia Barella
    ML2-Mileto by Alessandra Calvani
    Eye by Silvia Cerroni
    Gisella by Raffaella Ciccia
    Bronze-cast necklace by Robin Clerici
    Slave and Stella Marina by Laviania Colmbumbo
    Camellia by Francesca Gabrielli
    Scale by Lucilla Giovanninetti
    Boules de Noel by Giulia Lancellotti
    Nighttime Mysteries by Santa Loffredi
    Necklace of Swarosky and corals by Gaia Mercieca
    Safiya by Fulvia Notari
    Bob Marley by Roberto Puglielli
    Le jardin by Arianna Svaicari
    Heartbeat and Love Me, Love Me Not by Alessandra Vitali

Contact: Valeria D’Agostino (+39) 055 5389250 |


The RFK Center strives to achieve Robert F. Kennedy’s vision of a just and peaceful world by partnering with human rights leaders, teaching social justice, and advancing corporate responsibility. The Robert F. Kennedy Center Europe is the European headquarters of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights and is located in the former prison of “Le Murate” in Florence, Italy. From 2008 to date the center has trained more than 500,000 students in Italian schools with educational manuals on human rights “Speak Truth To Power” and, through the RFK Training Institute, organizing advanced training courses for professionals related to the promotion and respect of human rights.

In May 2013, the “International House of RFK Human Rights” was inaugurated in Florence– a unique residential facility highly symbolic for its transformation from a place of suffering and deprivation in place of freedom and hope. Inspired by the ideals of Robert F. Kennedy, the structure is intended to accommodate human rights activists from around the world, allowing them to exchange experiences, communicate and acquire relevant skills for working every day against social injustices.

For more information visit their websites:

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