N38E13 in palermo: contemporary art + accommodation

N38E13 installation space
N38E13 installation space

Access Landscape AccessOn a recent trip to Palermo, I had a special sojourn at a cultural/accommodation space called N38E13 where I had a very comfortable stay in a contemporary space with an exciting cultural mission including art installations and artists residencies that culminate in interesting exhibitions.

Initiated this summer, N38E13 is currently presenting Access Landscape Access, a group exhibition and a cycle of 4 mini-residences of local, national, and international artists. Access Landscape Access concentrates on the idea of the landscape (or a place or space) as an extension of the body of an individual, as a dimension caught between the orientation of who experiences a landscape on a quotidian basis [the inhabitant or resident], and the disorientation of who experiences it for the first time on a temporary basis [the traveler].

Primoz Bizjak, photo light-box installation
Primoz Bizjak, photo light-box installation

The cultural space of N38E13 provides the perfect context for this type of project. N38E13 is the brainchild of Ennio Pellicanò where he has created both an accommodation structure — a Micro-hotel — and a space dedicated to culture and social promotion, exhibitions and installations. In particular, it is an environment of experimentation with social and cultural processes dedicated to the visual arts, sound, design, and more.

Stefano Canto, digital prints on reflective adhesive
Stefano Canto, digital prints on reflective adhesive
Ignazio Mortellaro, land map on metal
Ignazio Mortellaro, land map on metal

N38E13 welcomes residencies, workshops, exhibitions, meetings and events. The project aims on one hand to enhance the ethical and innovative creative process, and on the other promotes design services through new forms of retraining and re-appropriation of locations.

The space is situated in the historic center of Palermo, near the central train station and the Ballerò market, and is an ‘investigative tool’, a hinge between an urban sediment, and an observatory of the socio-anthropological presence. The name is a synthesis formed from the alphanumeric code corresponding to the geographic coordinates of the city of Palermo, N38.1103E13.3649, and is thus a space of dynamic relationships between people and places.

An area of original wall left exposed in the space provides a nice contrast with the contemporary
An area of original wall left exposed in the space provides a nice contrast with the contemporary
Claudia Gambadoro
Claudia Gambadoro creating her “Imaginary Atlas” on markings found in the wall surface
Claudia Gambadoro
Claudia Gambadoro, “Atlas Imaginaire”

Access Landscape Access is curated by Salvatore Davì and Katiuscia Pompili and features these artists currently on display: Primoz Bizjak, Canecapovolto, Stefano Canto, Annamaria Di Giacomo, Jose Florentino, Alessandro Librio, and Ignazio Mortellaro.

Sebastiano Mortellaro
Sebastiano Mortellaro, photographic view from the resident’s room
VVVB, untitled print on translucent paper (photo: Gabriele Mastrilli)

The mini-residences that lasted one week work within the context of the exhibition. The artists were hosted in each of the work/sleep-labs, each dedicated to a specific medium which will remain in the collection-archive of the association:

Sebastiano Mortellaro in n38.1106 e13.3654 (photo/video), Claudia Gambadoro n38.1103 e13.3651 (painting/graphic art/sculpture/installation), VVVB (a group of anonymous artists from Bologna) n38.1104 e13.3656 (language/words), plus the room n38.1107 e13.3653 (sound)

The suite of N38E13
The suite of N38E13

The accommodation concept of N38E13 is a clean and smart contemporary space which has retained small aesthetic treasures from the past history of the original 18th century palazzo and combined them with modern comforts of high design, located in the center of Palermo, a city rich in culture and history. Clean white walls contrast with roughly layered fragments showing wall colors throughout the centuries, revealing the skin of the structure, designed by architect Marzia Messina with interior designer Agnes Giglia.

The common area of N38E13
The common area of N38E13

Access Landscape Access

Through November 13, 2013

Via Maqueda 7
Palermo (Sicily)

T +39 3478877794


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