have more F.U.N. with favara urban network!

Favara Urban Network
Favara Urban Network Garden

F.U.N. = Favara Urban Network, an exciting cultural project, is based out of the archeological site of Castello Chiaramonte in Favara (Sicily). The Medieval castle, located just off the town’s main square, was built in the late 13th century.

Castello Chiaramonte Favara
Castello Chiaramonte Favara
Castello Chiaramonte Favara
Castello Chiaramonte Favara

The Chiaramonte Castle has been restored and transformed into an informative space for dialog, a laboratory of ideas, research and experimentation for local citizens and artists to unite the community.

With a common goal of improving the territory and the living environment of Favara, located only 8 kilometers away from Agrigento’s Valley of the Temples, projects are brain-stormed and put into action by volunteers of all ages and backgrounds.

Sustainable green projects in public spaces all around town have been successful additions to the habitat and well-received by the locals.

Favara Urban Network
FUN in the castle courtyard
Favara Urban Network - Enzo Castelli
Workspace inside the castle designed from recycled materials

A large group of local volunteers are encouraging this positive social change through initiatives based on new tendencies of contemporary architecture, agriculture, and perma-culture design lifestyles in public urban space. The interior of the castle provides an amazing platform for workshops, lectures, exhibitions, installations, and more.

F.U.N. ticket booth design
Ticket office design by MYOP using recycled cardboard
Favara Urban Network
Presentation and workshop space

I recently visited F.U.N. to see what all the excitement is about and I was pleasantly surprised by Favara Urban Network’s vision and enthusiasm, shared with another local initiative called Farm Cultural Park. Find out how to have more F.U.N.!

View of Favara from the Castle
View of Favara from the Castle
F.U.N. garden
F.U.N. urban garden

Favara Urban Network


Favara Urban Network – Castello Chiaramonte – Favara, Sicily – ITALY



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