50 thousand bees: music in the making

bees in ex Chiesa di San Cralo dei Barnabiti

HIVE: Extinction in A major was an installation that took place earlier this month in the former Church of San Carlo dei Barnabiti in Florence (Via S. Agostino corner of Via dei Serragli), now a cultural center. The project was created by LdMAC | Diagonal Laboratory of Music and Creative Arts.  HIVE was a disruptive and symbolic gesture: a beehive inside a crystal box placed in the center of the dark ex-church and with small microphones, about 50,000 bees were at work in public, created an alienating sense of unease at high volume thanks to their busy buzzing. That deafening and archaic noise (experts have identified the frequency 432Hz – a note that is the basis of the whole system of Western music and recalls the classic OM), filled the halls of the ex-church and enveloped the visitor in a mystical state that was a way to reflect and bring awareness to the pitfalls of progress achieved without considering nature itself and the future of our planet.

bees in ex Chiesa di San Cralo dei Barnabiti

In this dramatic environment, the constant noise made visitors face a self-destructing reality, denouncing the gradual disappearance of bees from eco-system. Over the past ten years, in fact, almost a third of the world’s population of bees has disappeared and more than half in the United States and Europe. The causes are varied, but the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in agriculture use is the main among all. A problem that affects not only the bee because it doesn’t stop there: bees are in fact pretty much the only and the most effective means of pollination, and with their extinction would disappear too much of the terrestrial flora and thus the minimum condition for human life.

bees in ex Chiesa di San Cralo dei Barnabiti

LdMAC | Laboratorio Diagonale di Musica e Arti Creative is a creative expression of multimedia and interdisciplinary aims to enhance the Florentine territory as an experience of artistic and cultural exchange on the European circuit. Under the guidance and education of established professionals, composers, and artists LdMAC produces pieces commissioned from young composers, creates multimedia, interdisciplinary productions, video art and documentaries.

bees in ex Chiesa di San Cralo dei Barnabiti

There are many international petitions to help save the bees. Sign a petition to save the bees now.

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