opificioJM concept store now features art925 jewelry

art925 @ OpificioJM, Prato

art925 jewelry is now available at OPIFICIOJm in Prato, Italy, a concept store attached to the famous American actor and director John Malkovich, who put down his roots in Prato and now designs his own clothing line Technobohemian. The art925 collection at OPM is exclusive in Tuscany and all pieces are unique and hand-made in Florence.

OpificioJM, Prato, Italy

OPIFICIOJm is fashion. It is a collection of local businesses dedicated to creating original and high quality products exclusively for the brand. Working with Tuscan craftsmen allows the store to support local businesses and, with minimal transport, also helps the environment.

art925 @ OpificioJM, Prato

OPIFICIOJm is art: a 600+ square meter space is used for an eclectic range of cultural events, performing arts, exhibitions, scenographics, multimedia presentations and modern art, suited to a spectrum of cultural tastes.

art925 @ OpificioJM, Prato

art925 @ OpificioJM, Prato opificioJMnaomi


art925 in Italian

OpificioJM, Prato

OpificioJM STORE
Entrances on Via Dell’Arco, 15 and Piazza San Marco, 39 – PRATO, Italy
T 0574.87.05.00

Monday and Sunday: CLOSED
Tuesday to Saturday: 11 am – 8pm

OpificioJM Restaurant & Lounge Bar
T 0574.87.05.03

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday to Friday: 12:30-3 pm & 7:30 pm-1 am
Saturday and Sunday: 7:30 pm-1 am

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