vintage 1924 photo with art925 pocket watch pendant

1924 vintage portrait of a lady wearing art925 pendant

I like to comb flea markets and junk shops for small pieces and parts, books, maps, photos, and other things that inspire me to make new work. While utilizing old and sometimes discarded materials that are re-purposed and transformed into jewelry, it only makes sense to have this lovely lady from a 1924 sepia-toned portrait model one of my pieces using a pocket watch that comes from the same era.

The woman pictured isn’t related to me, but she is related to someone and there is a story to tell, her unknown narrative. She seems to be from Bozen (Bolzano), the capital city of the province of South Tyrol in northern Italy. It is one of only five mainly Italian speaking municipalities in South Tyrol.

art925: Vintage Waltham pocket watch pendant
art925: vintage Waltham pocket watch pendant

The pendant has an oxidized sterling silver base, a vintage Waltham pocket watch face with stylized numbers, a black cubic zirconia gem stone, all sealed and protected with a hard durable resin, and presented a gun-metal chain. To see more work using old watch parts, see the art925 Timeless Watch collection.

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