art925 presents at the international handicrafts fair in florence april 24

Mostra dell'Artigianto - Florence
Discover the City of Beauty. Artisans. Angels of beauty.

The 77th edition of the International Handicrafts Fair will welcome artisans from over 50 countries, as well as from all over Italy, April 20-28, 2013, from 10am to 11pm at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence. Clothing and accessories, furnishing and furnishing accessories, jewelry, silverware, collectibles and gifts, wine & food – traditional handmade products, inspired by ethnic and classical shapes, but also the ancient traditions.

A rich schedule of side events, featuring live demonstrations, conventions, workshops and happenings will liven up shopping and trade opportunities, focusing on current and future trends. Come see the value and quality of the historical handicraft tradition, along with new ideas taken from technological innovation, among installations and special settings, social networks, events, shows and important exhibitors. The objective is to highlight the new role of handicrafts by creating new opportunities for young talented people, whose task is to launch new challenges in future digital crafts.

art925 on maketank

On Wednesday, April 24 at 11am I will be presenting my jewelry work (art925) and creative process at the MakeTank display in the Spadolini Pavilion. Pieces will be available as a sort of pop-up or one can also purchase directly from the MakeTank website in the Maker vendor section.

MakeTank - FlorenceMakeTank is a Florence, Italy-based startup that recognizes that the next wave is handmade and that new technologies – especially 3D printing, lasercut, Arduino and CNC – can permit a new type of handmade to emerge, one with an eye for beautiful design as well as function. We have developed a multi-vendor Marketplace where people who make things can list and sell their work. A complementary blog is used to explore the related world of product design and technological innovation.


The Fortezza da Basso has hosted the International Handicrafts Trade Fair since 1978. A masterpiece of the military Renaissance architecture, the Fortezza da Basso was planned by Antonio da Sangallo il Giovane and commissioned by Duke Alessandro de’ Medici, and was built between 1534 and 1537. Itineraries between history and contemporariness – from the Monumental Area to the Polveriera, perfectly restored, up to the Spadolini and Cavaniglia pavilions, modern areas devoted to exhibitions.

Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato

April 20-28, 2013

Fortezza da Basso, Viale Filippo Strozzi 1, Florence

Open: Daily 10am – 11pm
April 28th, the last day: closing time at 8pm

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