jewelry inspired by coffee brand

Nespresso, FlorenceSeptember 18 was the first edition of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Florence, a new commercial initiative held this month also in Rome and Milan, to get you out shopping and partying late into the night with discotech DJ sets, promos, and complimentary drinks, what they call a “white night” in Italy when you don’t sleep much.

Vogue-Fashion-s-Night-Out-2012-FirenzeBecause I am a coffee-loving jeweler, I had to accept my VIP list invitation to check out the  coincidental opening of a new Nespresso boutique which incorporated a jewelry show and auction in collaboration with a local jewelry school. And of course I wondered if George Clooney might just be present as he is the celebrity promoting the brand.

Nespresso Shop - FlorenceThe jewelry students were asked to interpret the brand and idealize its philosophy with silver and enamel. A judge chose the best design with a prize scholarship to attend the school and all 10 of the pieces were auctioned off in favor of the upcoming benefit for cancer run, Corri la Vita.

The pieces were really difficult to photograph in their reflective plexi-glass display cases. Evident were the main symbols used: the coffee bean, the company’s N logo, and the colorful aluminum capsules that the coffee come in, specially designed for the machines sold in the shop.  Coffee as lifestyle. At least they have a recycling program and 80% sustainable coffee sources. I hope the club members join the recycling efforts.

Nespresso Ring Stefano Pio

Marco Briggi Silvia Botteghi
The work was pretty good as a commercial assignment. The production quality was high and the inspiration was obvious as reminded by this display of coffee capsule jewel box and image of coffee as liquid gold.

And no, George wasn’t there.

Coffee capsule jewel box

Coffee liquid gold

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