“per crucem ad lucem” jewelry by iznav oruam on exhibit at the palazzo medici

Per Crucem ad Lucem InvitationPer Crucem Ad Lucem: The Voyage of Oruam, a spiritual and symbolic language of iconography and a journey through art, culture, and religion is the first exhibition of 10 stunning jewelry works of art by Florentine jeweler, poet, and graphic artist Iznav Oruam (born 1951). It is an expression of thought and philosophy executed with grand technical design, architecture, surprise and delight expressed through form and luxury materials. Gold in perfect detail and geometry paired with precious stones — diamonds, rubies, sapphires — represent hidden treasures of the soul, discovered only through curiosity and research on the pathway to illumination. Designed in 1985, this exquisite collection represents some of the major archetypes of Mediterranean and Western traditions.

Ecclesia by Iznav Oruam

Imago Templi by Iznav Oruam

My two favorite pieces feature Florence’s church of Santo Spirito. Pictured above is Ecclesia with 3 interchangeable chests that slide onto the top and open. Imago Templi (pictured right), has 3 interchangeable temple facades: Santo Spirito, the Taj Mahal, and the Parthenon.

The exibition is housed in the Limonaia (a lemon greenhouse) of the Palazzo Medici Riccardi, an elegant and historic venue. A beautiful photographic campaign by Giacomo Artale, printed into postcards and a limited edition book features the artist himself. A video by Andrea Lanzini, with digital representations of the work, illustrates the transformational nature of each piece and reveals the cleverly hidden details in each.

Iznav Oruam, Photos by Giacomo Artale

Per Crucem ad Lucem:
The Voyage of Oruam

March 1- 25, 2012

Palazzo Medici Riccardi Limonaia
Via Cavour, 3, Florence, Italy

9am-7pm every day except Wednesday
€ 7.00 entrance fee to the main museum

Per Crucem ad Lucem opening in the Limonaia

 P.S. The Crucem collection is now available from the Luisa Via Roma website where you can see detailed information and more images… and prices!

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