paper jewelry @ ub vintage in florence

Vintage Chairs @ ub

Located just a few minutes walk from the Duomo, UB is a fairly recent and very unique shop, adding to a growing number of vintage artifact boutiques in Florence. UB, a home furnishings and accessories shop with found objects, vintage pieces, fabrics, art, and jewelry, includes an inherited archive of fabulous Florentine wall paper rolls from 1966-on. UB is Ubaldo Pierantoni, who is also involved in the creative, fun, and organic kitchen Circolo Aurora with his sister Rita in San Frediano neighborhood.

wallpaper - carta da parati

wallpaper - carta da parati

You can still see a highlighted collection of contemporary art jewelry made with paper by LerènieS. With a general color scheme of black, red and newsprint, some of these pieces seem to be made of heavy wood and rope, but instead are made with lightweight eco-friendly recycled papers and vinyl glue. Two artists, originally from Sardinia, create these sculptural unique pieces that are simultaneously primitive and contemporary, many inspired by ancient sculptures, tribal figures, tombs, and customary dress.

Paper jewelry by LerenieS

Lerenias paper jewelry at UB


UB Firenze
Arredamento, Carta da Parati, Tessuti, Oggettistica, Spazio eventi.
Via dei Conti 4r, Firenze

Open Monday to Saturday 10:30 am – 7:30 pm

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