new art925 silkscreen printed home accessories

art925 napkins by Naomi Muirhead

Serigraphy, or silk-screen printing, has infinite possibilities. It can be done on paper, fabric, wood, or other materials. The image can be a drawing, photograph, text, color blocks, and combinations of all. I just recently got back into screen printing after at least 10 years. I had some fun elaborating on some home accessories with graphic images from vintage Italian books and maps: napkins, towels, bags, pillow cases, etc.

Firenze Chair by Naomi Muirhead
art925 Firenze Chair and home accessories by Naomi Muirhead

I also printed an old map of Florence on linen fabric to re-upholster and restore an old abandoned chair to add to my European Map series. Got object? Will print! The possibilites are endless.

Olive Towels by Naomi Muirhead

FIorence napkins by Naomi Muirhead

Florence shopping bags by Naomi Muirhead

Tarquato Tasso pillow cases by Naomi Muirhead

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