preziosa 2011 contemporary jewelry exhibition and auction in florence

preziosa contemporary jewellery 2011
Firenze Preziosa Contemporary 2011

This year’s Preziosa Contemporary Jewelry exhibition is being held in Florence’s Museo di Storia Naturale di Firenze, Sezione di Zoologia, “La Specola” at Via Romana 17, just down the road from Palazzo Pitti. I went to the conference presentation by of the Japanese artist Mari Ishikawa (b. 1964), who is showcased in the exhibition along side the works of young designers in the Preziosa Young 2011 edition. Ishikawa gave a nicely succinct presentation about her work in English which was precisely translated into Italian to a group of about 75 guests. Ishikawa, who lives in Munich, described how the Japanese landscape and details in nature have inspired her work which is clearly evident in her plant forms.

Mari Ishikawa
Works by Mari Ishikawa
The Preziosa Young 2011 display represented a vast variety of techiniques and concepts by young designers, artists, teachers and students who were chosen to participate in the exhibition and auction which benefit the Foundation FiorGen Onlus. The auction will take place Saturday, October 22 at 3:30 pm in the Skeleton Hall on the ground floor of the La Specola Museum.
Preziosa Young 2011
Preziosa Young 2011
Here is a description of the project from the Preziosa website:
Monologue. Parellel worlds of Mari Ishikawa, curated by Maria Cristina Bergesio. The work of Mari Ishikawa expresses a deep fascination with the natural world. With a look full of charm, the artist observes nature and manages to infuse the magic in her photographs and her jewellery, as Moon Light Shadow, In The Shadow Of A Tree, Clouds. The natural spectacle is experienced in its most intimate and small ravines, in the form of branches, the tangle of a shoot, the emergence of a delicate inflorescence. In her works throughout the poem takes the form of a feeling of nature as a living entity, palpitating, perpetual, and in her cycle of birth, growth, development.
PY is a international competition/exhibition dedicated to young designers chosen for their individual research and the originality of their creations. This project was conceived and coordinated by Giò Carbone, Director of “Le Arti Orafe”, since 1985 Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence. For the 2011’s edition, the Art historian Dr. Maria Cristina Bergesio was called to give a critical contribution for the catalogue and to be responsible for the selection of the participants. The project, launched in 2005, has already become one of the most important European events devoted to contemporary jewellery.
A country of exquisite jewellery traditions, Italy has no museum devoted to jewellery, and temporary exhibitions have always been rare. Over the last 40 years the exhibitory events dealing with contemporary jewellery have been highly circumscribed, or have been dedicated to those established painters and sculptors who have occasionally turned to jewellery.
The attention devoted by the communication media and the cultural institutions to initiatives devoted to this art form has – apart from a few shining exceptions – always been limited, while great interest has always been expressed by lovers of contemporary art.
Through the organisation of events such as PREZIOSA, the school wishes to help to fill a gap the discrepancy of which is more or less consciously acknowledged. Since 2008, a “parallel” exibition for young artists is organized: PREZIOSA Young is already an international reference for new artists and goldsmiths.
Preziosa 2011
Preziosa 2011
When: 6 to 23 October 2011
Where: Museum of Natural History, Tribuna Galileo, Via Romana 17, Florence, Italy

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