f-utility jewelry & artists’ book auction for emergency @ le murate, florence

F-uitli 2011 InvitoThe World We Want: F-utility Jewelry & Artist’s Books for Emergency

On Saturday, October 29th and Sunday October 30th, 2011, at the Ex Murate in Florence, the Tuscan Group of the AGC (Contemporary Jewel Association) is promoting the third edition of F-utility Jewelry for Emergency, a solidarity exhibition/auction of contemporary jewels created for the occasion with over 70 international jewelry and book artists. The World We Want is the theme of the third edition of F-utility jewelry, in which I will have a donated piece for the fund-raising auction.

Lotto G22: Naomi Muirhead, "Timeless"
"Timeless", sterling silver, double-sided re-purposed brass and steel vintage watch movements, and resin (no gold was mined for this piece)


From the F-utility website:

As authors, organizers… and friends of Emergency we try to live in the cultural, social, and economic fabric of a now globalized world with the awareness that doing one’s part well has an extra value. This value is the day-by-day construction of a world made up of exchanges and not only conflicts that give a greater meaning to our doing. A present and a future of peace and democracy also springs from the enormous joy of expressing oneself and one’s point of view as well as from the feeling of participating in building a (present and future) society that is less fragmented and less marked by conflict. We therefore invite everybody to put their best efforts and ideas into this event, convinced as we are that our art can offer many thoughts for reflection while at the same time it can contribute in real terms to the support of one of the Emergency hospitals.

The World We Want is the title of Emergency’s manifesto, as set forth at last year’s National meeting. However, the world we want is also a theme open to our interpretation and therefore, not only a theme that is political but also one that involves our deepest emotions, our daily relations and last but not least our ability to change. We often live in conflict, with ourselves and with the others, what then is the basis needed to perceive the other differently, no longer and not solely as an “enemy”?

Jewelry pieces are then like pages open onto the world we want, or artist’s books like small jewels to be “read” or observed.

And what world do you want? Our support of Goderich Children’s Centre in Sierra Leone (West Africa) continues forward in baby steps. We would like this initiative to once more enjoy the broadest support and that contemporary jewelry, this year together with artist’s books, is able to communicate other things and continue on the path started. Between saying and doing let’s get down to work and stake everything on this initiative because we are what we do and not only what we say.

Recent news is that the Government of Sierra Leone has started a policy of free health care for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 5 years of age thus guaranteeing (at least in part) the human right to health and free medical care that we take for granted but that is not at all so elsewhere. A human right until now denied in an extremely poor country with some of the worst health and economic indicators in the world despite its enormous resources: deposits of diamonds, gold, bauxite and rutile – materials that are typical of traditional jewelry. This project could be the trigger for a kind of “virtuous circle of action” and give something back to that country in a different form. Contemporary jewelry that is precious not so much for the materials used as for the concepts it expresses…last but not least the concept of solidarity!

We have examined other Emergency projects to fund with the auction proceedings, but in the end it was more natural to continue supporting the Goderich Children’s Centre in Sierra Leone at a time when at last an African government is working in the direction of asserting a fundamental human right. We hope that this initiative may again have a widespread support and that contemporary jewelry may again communicate “something different” and continue along the path it has begun… made up of small but solid steps.

The Italian NGO Emergency, the recipient of all the auction proceedings, is a humanitarian organization established in 1994 to offer free high quality medical-surgical care to the civilian victims of wars, anti-personnel mines and poverty. It has been active in Sierra Leone since November 2001. You can also donate to Emergency directly.

Saturday October 29
15:30 Exhibition opening and auction preview
16:00 Official inauguration
17:00 Emergency presentation
19:00 Aperitivo
20:00 Percussion music concert

Sunday October 30
10:00-12:30 Exhibitions opens with presentation by the organizers
15:30 Presentation by Goderich Hospital staff
16:30 Auction begins
19:00 Event closes with final toast

WHERE: Ex-carcere (prison) delle Murate, Piazza Madonna delle neve (Via dell’Agnolo/Via Ghibellina), Florence
WHEN: 29 and 30 October 2011
Email: info@futiligioielli.com
Website: www.futiligioielli.com
F-utili on Facebook

JANUARY 2012 update: see the video of the event!

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