art925 map rings featured on polish fashion site

art925 italian maps rings
art925 italian maps rings

My map rings were recently featured on a Polish fashion site. Part of the article, about the use of maps in jewelry trends, is roughly translated into English below (thanks Google translator!). Check out the original article to see more jewelers using maps in their work in a variety of different ways. See more of my jewelry using Italian vintage maps in the Mapping Your Way collection.

Instead of Maps

by Gabriela Chmielarz

Cities, from which we come from and where we visited provide us with many unforgettable moments. It turns out that the concrete spaces and their atmosphere can be included in such a small work of art that is jewelry. It is worth looking at some of the works inspired by specific locations, their specificity, architecture, or simply … location on the map.

Portions of the plans, clippings maps, as well as a mini road signs can be found in the works of Naomi Muirhead (USA). She combines precious metals with the old Italian maps, letters, parts of clocks and furniture, as well as pawns to play with many other elements carrying with them a story. Her jewelry is based on the elusive vintage. […]

The presented work will not only show the incredible richness of the world of jewelry, but also testify to the fact that the jewelry can be a graceful, comrade, closer and further travel.

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