don’t cry for me argentina…stolen jewels once owned by eva perón found in milan

Eva Peron

Yesterday, it was announced that Italian Carabinieri with collaboration with Spanish police recovered some $8.5 million (some reports are saying $14 million) worth of jewels that were once owned by Eva (“Evita”) Perón in a hotel room outside of Milan. Among the pieces found were a diamond tiara given to Eva by the Dutch Royal family, diamond earrings, and rings. Apparently, these jewels were stolen from a shop in Valencia, Spain, in 2009.

Eva Perón was the famed former first lady of Argentina, the second wife of Argentinean President Juan Perón (1895-1974). At only 33 years old, she died of cancer in 1952, a death that through Argentina into deep mourning. After Juan Perón’s overthrow in 1955, her embalmed body disappeared and was found in Milan 16 years later to be then sent to rest in Spain.


I love these vintage  photos of Evita. Her short life was full of politics, performances, charity, feminism, myth and drama which made it easy to turn her into a cultural icon represented in theater and film. To many, she had saint status. Her interesting history is detailed well on the web. There is also a historical research foundation in her honor. See the stolen jewels and read more about the theft here.

Mystery and intrigue as to why her body and jewels both ended up in Milan…the story puts me in the mood for some Tango music!

One thought on “don’t cry for me argentina…stolen jewels once owned by eva perón found in milan

  1. “Underworld song, song of Buenos Aires. There’s something inside you that lives and is everlasting. Underworld song, lament of bitterness, Smile of hope, sob of passion. This is the tango, the song of Buenos Aires, born in the suburbs, today queen of the whole world…” From ‘Song of Buenos Aires’ by Manuel Romero 1933. Do you remember seeing “Evita” at the Shubert Theatre in Chicago? It was the fall of 1980 and must have left an everlasting impression on you at such a young age.

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