report from vicenza (italy): chi ha paura? & stefano marchetti

I went to Vicenza last week to see the Chi Ha Paura? and Stefano Marchetti exhibitions that have been up since the Vicenza Oro jewelers’ fair. Vicenza is a jewel in itself, elegant streets dotted with villas and palaces designed by architect Andrea Palladio.

Chi Ha Paura?/Who’s Afraid? installed shipping containers in the middle of a side street (Contra’ del Monte) right off the main piazza. The placement of the walk-through container was strategic because it invited the general public to walk through en route to Piazza dei Signori. Almost everyone went through even if only out of curiosity. Here are some shots I took:

chi ha paura, vicenza

chi ha paura, vicenza

chi ha paura, vicenza
The presentation was interesting and included 90 works from numerous international designers of the collection, founded in 1996 by Dutch designer Gijs Bakker of Droog Design.  Most of the pieces, from limited collections and editions, stress innovative designs and materials. A tongue-in-cheek conceptual attitude definitely reigns.

Chi Ha Paura? Through June 21, 2011. Contra’ del Monte, Vicenza, Italy.


Stefano Marchetti

In the charming Casa Cogollo (detta Casa del Palladio), there is an intimate exhibition of works from 1989-2011 by Stefano Marchetti (born in Padova, 1970). Marchetti makes unique pieces that are delicately structural and loosely painterly at the same time. He is inspired by archeology and micro-mosaics, frequently using different metals to create colored patterns, experimenting with corrosive techniques and textures, making metaphors to cultural and biological “fabrics”. Marchetti has an impressive exhibition and collection list, including a piece in the Museo degli Argenti, Palazzo Pitti, in Florence. In 2009, he won the Italian Jewelry Award. This July 25-28, he will be conducting a workshop at Le Arti Orafe in Florence, Italy.

Stefano Marchetti (1989-2011): through July 17, 2011. Casa Cogollo (detta Casa del Palladio), Corso Palladio 165, Vicenza, Italy.

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