chi ha paura…? jewelry exhibition @ “vicenzaoro” (vicenza, italy)

“As part of Italy’s leading gold and jewellery fair ‘Vicenzaoro‘, 21 – 25 May 2011 in the city of Vicenza, an unprecedented retrospective of the chi ha paura…? collection will be on exhibit. For the occasion 3 naval containers located at Vicenza’s central city square will be turned into a special exhibition space presenting the entire CHP collection. Curated by architect and design critic Alba Capellieri, the exhibition will also feature all prototypes ever made for CHP and the complete Body Stories project. Moreover, as part of the exhibition, a pop-up shop sells the CHP collection and Electa will publish the accompanying catalogue. The presentation is on display from 21 May until 21 June. For more information email

vicenzaoroChi ha paura…?(CHP) Italian for ‘Who is afraid…?’ makes designer jewellery by international jewellery designers. CHP was established in 1996 by designer and co-founder of Droog Design Gijs Bakker (NL) and gallery owner Marijke Vallanzasca (IT).

By producing conceptual design jewellery CHP shows that a good piece of jewellery is more than a decorative accessory. In the jewellery made by CHP originality of the concept is central to the design and supported by a fitting choice of material and technology.

CHP asks well-established designers to invigorate the tradition of jewellery design, while paying particular attention to concept, play, new techniques and materials. By this concentrating more on the preciousness of the idea rather than on the material value of the object. By showing that jewellery design evolves just like any other design discipline CHP fills an existing void by making designer jewellery more widely accessible.”

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