SACI faculty art exhibition

These are images from the most recent Studio Art Centers International (SACI) Faculty Exhibition (10/2010) in the SACI Gallery. I teach jewelry design/construction classes for SACI in Florence, Italy. Here are some details of my mixed media/found objects installation of boxes and jewelry pieces:

Display of boxes
5 Boxes: Self-Portrait, Dante’s Reflection, Box of Euphoria, Time is Not Black & White: Sterling silver, copper, glass, mirror, paper, liver of sulfur, lenses
Display of poetry pin, lucky die ring, ruler ring, & centimeter pin mounted in beeswax
Untitled (rings & pins from the Words, Games, & Measurements series) Sterling silver, 18k gold leaf, liver of sulfur, wood, bone die, resin, book, paper, ink, beeswax
Detail of altered book and "O" box.
"bOx" Sterling silver, liver of sulfur, wooden letter stamp, found book, silver leaf, ink, paper
Exhibition opening night
Exhibition opening night in the SACI Gallery, Palazzo dei Cartelloni, Via Sant'Antonino 11, Firenze, ITALY

More images of the exhibiton can be found on the SACI Gallery webpage.

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